Mr & Mrs Smith

So this weekends wedding was Disney themed. But Disney themed to the MAX. So it only feels right to do a blog post to suit. So if you like Disney, theme parks, fireworks, glitter with some laughter and some tears, grab a brew. This one’s for you! 

Once upon a time there was a beautiful Princess named Claire and a handsome Prince called Chris. They met and fell in love and decided to marry.

 But this special couple had to get married in a magical place, in a land far, far away from lots of their loved ones. So Claire rubbed her magic lamp and wished very hard for all her family and friends to be there, and it worked! All the family from Wales were whisked in, and because it was true love, even the Best man flew on his magic carpet all the way from China. But because he’d come such a long way and this needed a lot of magical fairy dust, he ended up with a glittery fairy dust moustache.

 So with a little help from Flora, Fauna and Merryweather, everyone made it for the big day. Princess Claire’s eight bridesmaids heralded her down the aisle, but with all the magic used up getting everyone here, there was none to bring more petals when the sweet little flower girl ran out, holding her basket up saying ‘all gone!’ However, this Prince and Princess didn’t need any more magic, for they were so much in love, and their love was much more valuable than all the magic in the kingdom. The bridesmaids wept with happiness, and the Princess was giddy with excitement as they became husband and wife.

 The newly married pair were escorted by carriage (golf buggy, but go with it…) to the Castle, the biggest shark in the lake, and to see the royal dancing horses. When they returned to their guests they entered the Great Hall for a fine feast, serenaded by Cogsworth and Lumiere singing Be My Guest. The room was exquisitely decorated with beautiful fairy tale treasures, all handcrafted by the Princesses father. Each guest was treated to a delightful gift from their table’s embellishment, such as an enchanted rose, a poison apple, or a golden pumpkin.

 The Prince and Princess regaled their guests with speeches of love and thanks and joy, and there were many tears shed in joy for the happiness and love of the newly married couple. After dinner the sky lit up with a wondrous firework display the Prince had ordered for his new wife. Fairy dust flew as everyone there waved sparklers after the display as the couple made their way into the ballroom for their first dance.

 Tinkerbell visited a lot of the guests throughout the evening, leaving her fairy dust behind in beautiful patterns on faces and on beards. The guests danced long into the night with not a hint or threat of coaches turning to pumpkins or glass slippers being lost. The beautiful Princess and the handsome Prince and everyone with them had the most wonderful, most magical day.

And they all lived happily after.

Huge congratulations to Mr & Mrs Smith. Credits to Father of the Bride on his outstanding decorations, Mother of the Groom on her gorgeous flowers, especially so as she isn’t a florist, Drayton Manor Hotel and Park for their magical venue, and DJ Noel Walker for his consistently fantastic audio visual delights (even if you do make everyone say bye to me at the end of the evening!). This was a wedding with a world of planning, and one I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. It was amazing guys, fantastic.

Photos by Marc
Blog by Ceri
Venue: Drayton Manor Park Hotel
Room Dressing: The Bridesmaids
Make up: Misspinks
Videography: Two Towers Media
DJ/Evening entertainment: Noel Walker