Mr & Mrs Holland

 Tamworth Wedding Photography, St. Pauls Church Dosthill. 


This weekend holds the record for ‘last minute wedding of all time.’ Heather and George deserve an award for managing to move ‘Wedding Part One’ that was scheduled for October to this Saturday with just six days’ notice. Six days!!! It’s an incredible achievement! Within that six days, they rebooked the church, they managed to reschedule their 30 guests, they had to find a new reception venue due to being let down and they had to find a new caterer as they were let down with that too. Yet with all that said, there wasn’t even a sign of all the drama that had unfolded before them during the last 6 days. If that doesn’t show a couple determined to get married, then I don’t know what does!


This was my first ‘proper’ wedding during Covid restrictions. This meant, 30 people maximum, social distancing, bubbles, no loud music, no dancing and restricted socialising. It’s fair to say I was pretty apprehensive arriving at the church. As a documentary photographer, social interaction is key to my way of working, but other than me having to battle with my mask fogging up my camera at every opportunity, my apprehension was unnecessary.


Whilst I don’t deny the ceremony was a little unusual with social distancing, masks and no hymns, it was properly lovely. There were two lovely readings, so many laughs and smiles, plenty of tears and my most favourite moment of all…. One of the Paige boys shouting, ‘UP THE VILLA!’ towards the end of the ceremony. Literally everyone was in bits laughing! What a little legend (FYI I’m not a Villa fan either but it was just too funny!) We spent a lovely if not slightly windy and cold 40 minutes taking some bubble-based photographs and portraits of Heather and George.


The reception was held at the Baddesley Ensor Social club and it looked amazing, no one would have guessed that this was all completed with just six days’ notice. There were some amazing speeches, a special mention should be made for the best man who took the unusual tactic to aim all the embarrassing stories at the bride, not the groom, very brave! It was lovely to see two of the younger guests walking round with cameras taking their own photographs too.


So, there we have my little blog of my first Covid-19 wedding. This weekend was easily one of the happiest most loved up occasions I have ever had the pleasure of photographing, and whilst there were definitely some new things to contend with, it was so amazing to finally get to photograph a wedding again. This was part one of George and Heather’s wedding plans, I can’t wait for part two in 2021 (hopefully!).


Congratulations Heather and George

Marc x