Mr & Mrs Duffy

Wroxall Abbey has been on my ‘wedding photography’ bucket list, for quite some time now. This Saturday I finally got to tick it off. Despite Friday’s monumental storms giving me and the entire wedding party a stress filled 12 hours waiting to see what Saturday would bring, the weather turned out to be absolutely lovely. 


Today’s bride and groom, Sammie and James, were the very lucky winners of the Coventry Telegraph Wedding Giveaway which included a wedding at stunning Wroxall Abbey and lots of other amazing elements such as a photography package by myself. Wroxall looked beautiful today and that’s in no small part thanks to Sammie who worked tirelessly to hand make so many elements of the wedding décor. 


Preparing with the bridal party, Sammie was completely relaxed and calmly checking and arranging all the last minute details so the day went perfectly. The happy couple said their vows in the astoundingly beautiful 900 year old Wrens Cathedral, with the warm and friendly Reverend Christopher Beard officiating. The service was loving, welcoming and there was a few tears shed; this set the tone for the day. The guests were friendly and the weather lovely, giving the children ample opportunity to roam the sprawling grounds at Wroxall; the perfect summer wedding.


At this point I feel there are two special mentions to be made. First is the cake. I have never seen such an amazingly detailed cake, it was stunning, and every tiny detail handcrafted and edible. The second mention has to go the magician David Taylor. He was mesmerising, and it was hilarious watching everyone have their minds blown and mouths left wide open by what they had just witnessed. 


Saturday showed me just how lovely weddings at the Wrens Cathedral and Wroxall Abbey are, just how lovely a couple Sammie and James are, and just how much I wished I was a magician sometimes. Sammie and James proved more than worthy winners of the wedding competition and deserved every moment of their beautiful wedding day. 


Congratulations Mr & Mrs Duffy x