Mr & Mrs Anderson

Some of you may remember early in 2018 I photographed an amazing wedding at Pendrell Hall for Lottie and David – who shall now be known as the Andersons 2018. For Tuesday’s wedding it’s David’s brothers turn Joshua and his fiance Charlotte who shall hence forth be known as The Andersons 2019. 

I have been looking forward to this wedding SO much since I met Charlotte and Joshua to book their wedding in 2018, and I can now confirm that the insanely beautiful Mill Barns in Alveley is my most favourite wedding venue to date. My excitement for this wedding has also been paired with apprehension though because of the absolute let down that has been the summer of 2019 so far.

As it happens this worrying was needless as I was reliably informed by Charlotte and her bridal party that they had taken all the necessary measures to ensure the Andersons 2019 wedding day was rain free. I was a little surprised to read that the necessary measures involved burying Richmond sausages (the brand is imperative apparently) in the garden the night before the wedding. I laughed a LOT when I was told, which came back to bite me when I was the only person at the wedding that got drenched during the one monsoon-like downpour throughout the day. So future brides and grooms, there you have it, a Richmond sausage buried the night before will ensure nice weather, just don’t laugh at the idea or you will regret it!.

The ceremony went beautifully with two amazing readings and the loudest cheers I have ever experienced and plenty of tears; bridesmaids, MOTB, FOTG, guests, everyone was teary (I wonder if there is a Richmond sausage anecdote to prevent this?) Everyone loves Charlotte and Joshua, and it isn’t hard to figure out why, all day they were the most welcoming and lovely couple who were just bursting with happiness. Whilst we was capturing some couple photos around the beautiful surroundings of the venue, there was no direction needed, no prompts, they were just beyond happy to be married and living their best day ever. 

A very special mention has to go to the best man (aka David from the Andersons 2018), Joshua’s brother. Joshua was David’s best man and gave an amazing power point presentation all about his brother. Now it was David’s turn and he took his speech to the next level. Panicking at the start that he had left his speech in his room he ran straight out of the barn but then the projector that was hiding in the background kicked in and showed an elaborate 10 minute video he had filmed showing him running all the way home (stopping for many pints on the way), breaking in to Joshua’s house to get showered, then finding his speech in his own house, then running all the way back before bursting back in to the room to an almighty cheer. There was so many people crying with laughter David was instantly elevated to legendary status. David had booked a day off work, spent all day filming this video, and even got a parking ticket for his troubles, all in the quest for best man speech royalty. Bow down to the newly crowned king.

So there we have a little snapshot of Charlotte and Joshua’s beautiful wedding day at the glorious Mill Barns. The only thing this leaves is for me to get a Andersons 2020 wedding booked in now, so who’s next? 

Venue: Mill Barns
Flowers TBC:
Cake: TBC
DJ: Andy Banner
Suits: TBC
Dress: TBC
Photos: Me! & Jonathan Flint